New IIT-K students sign anti-ragging undertaking

KANPUR: The new undergraduate students of IIT-Kanpur on Wednesday signed an anti-ragging undertaking along with other mandatory documents. The institute took the undertaking from the students as per the provisions of the anti-ragging verdict by the Supreme Court. The undertaking was also signed by the parents of these students.

This undertaking lasts as long as the student studies at the institute. In the BTech program, the students study for four years and in BTech-MTech dual degree program the students ends up staying here for one extra year. The anti-ragging undertaking signed by the students remains binding on them for this entire duration. While the undertaking is taken from the new students in the beginning, the institute ensures that there is no ragging with the new students. It also ensures that when these students become seniors, they also do not indulge in ragging themselves.

He also informed that the senior students provide books to their juniors and the notes which they had prepared in their first year. They also make them understand the rules and regulations of the campus and counsel them in times of need. The seniors ensure that their juniors have a comfortable stay on the campus and they do not remain alienated. They also take juniors for picnics or movies and act prudently all the times, said the professor. The new students will be taken on a campus tour Before the classes start at IIT-K for the new students on July 28, they will be acquainted with the institute well.
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