II PU exams Grace marks may go

Awarding grace marks to students in II PU exams could be a thing of the past. A government appointed subcommittee that met on Wednesday has recommended that the practice of awarding grace marks should be stopped.

The committee felt that grace marks would go against the interest of students who had worked hard, said a source in the Department of Pre-University Education, which had asked the committee to frame rules for awarding grace marks.

The six-member subcommittee was set up after evaluators of II PU maths exam in April/May this year perceived the paper to be tough, and unilaterally awarded grace marks ranging from 2 to 21 to some students, while others were not awarded grace marks at all. Neither the subject experts nor the officials had been consulted. The draft of the new education policy, announced by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development, has also asked State boards to discontinue awarding grace marks.
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