Telangana CBSE to junk CCE system

With the Central Board of Secondary Education changing the examination format for Class X, students who have been accustomed to the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation method will have to shift to a different format from 2017-18.

This move follows the CBSE’s decision to make board exams mandatory. The Formative Assess-ments’ (FA-1 to 4) and Summative Assess-ments (SA-1 and 2) will make way for unit tests, quarterly, half-yearly, pre-final and finals. The syllabus portion for the “one-shot” exam will be different. Earlier for SA-2 exam (which used to be either school-based or board based) students would prepare for the syllabus taught in the last four months of the academic year. Now the annual exam will cover the lessons taught during the year. The CCE pattern was introduced when Mr Kapil Sibal was HRD minister in the Congress-led UPA government. DAV Schools regional director Seetha Kiran said the new format would apply students who will be moving to Class X next year.

The feedback from a few sections was that students were getting complacent due to the school based exam and the CCE pattern, where institutions have a big say in awarding marks. Telangana state education authorities said that they would examine the new CBSE format that will come into effect from 2017-18. The board had switched over the CBSE’s CCE pattern two years ago. “The CCE is being followed by 12 states. CBSE’s steps will be observed by all these states and all pros and cons will be assessed,” said director of government examinations S.S urender Reddy.
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