Manipur University starts online classes

All of Manipur Universitys departments have started teaching online, but students residing in remote areas of the state face problems due to poor net connectivity while attending classes, officials said. In an order released on April 2 Manipur University Registrar Prof WC Singh had asked students and teachers to download and install the Zoom app or Zoom Cloud Meeting for online classes in their laptops or smartphones.

Students had been told to supply their respective departments with their email ids. Prof Basanta Sharma, Head of Physics Department said online teaching a science topic is distinct from teaching an arts topic because you need to draw up diagrams and describe scientific theories using mathematical formulas and calculations. He also said that the time slot provided is 40 minutes, but it must often be extended to one hour due to technical problems, particularly due to disruption of live streaming and sound.

Several students said that poor net connectivity, particularly in rural and hill areas, is an obstacle in the process of interaction. Prof. O Mukherjee, Head of Chemistry, said: In chemistry and physics, online teaching can not achieve the level of satisfaction as in the subject of humanities, because these two subjects need explanations based on mathematical calculations, drawing symbols.
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