TS 10th Class Exams from June 8th 2020

The Department of Education has begun its exams to begin exams on June 8th, with the High Court blowing up the tenth class examinations. The test plan will be announced in two days with government approval. The Director General of the Government Examinations met Chitra Ramachandran, Special Secretary to the Ministry of Education, on Tuesday.

It is reported that the special general secretary has suggested that the examinations be scheduled to begin on June 8 as it is already late. The High Court said it would review the corona situation on June 3 and a hearing on May 4 would be held between the two. They were informed that they had to make decisions based on the situation.

The High Court has given two days time between each test. Accordingly, if the exams begin on June 8th, it is expected to take 25 days to complete the eight major tests, including holidays. That means it will be completed by July 2nd. Vocational exams will be held on July 6, 9 and 13. Unlike in the past, when examinations are underway, we are considering the possibility of evaluating completed subjects. If the evaluation starts immediately, it will be completed within 12 days.The examination department is likely to give results by July 25, a top official of the examinations department said. In the wake of the physical distance, new ones are being installed near existing testing centers. As the officials have already made it clear that they will be tested with old halockets, it is possible to hire staff to guide new test centers. Transport from the old center to the new center is also planned.
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