Polycet Admissions Schedule Finalized

The results of Telangana Polycet will be announced on the 9th September 2020. In this context, the Department of Technical Education has finalized the schedule to start the admissions process. Candidates should fill in the information online and book the slot from 12th to 17th Sep 2020. The certification examination will be held from the 14th to the 18th Sep. Polycet Web Options registration is open from the 14th to the 20th sep. Polytechnic seats will be allotted on the 22nd sep.

Candidates who have secured Polycet seats will have to pay tuition fees and do self-reporting online from 22nd to 26th sep. The final installment admissions process will take place from the 30th of this month. Web options can be registered on October 30, October 1. On the other hand it was decided to start the polytechnic academic year from October 7. Guidelines for spot admissions in private polytechnic colleges will be issued on October 8.

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